If it's your first massage treatment with me, you're likely to have a couple of questions before you book. I've tried to answer some of the most common ones below. Please get in contact if you have any others on

Q - I don't know how long to book for. What should I do?

A - It depends on what you need from the treatment. If you need something specific looked at, like your shoulder or neck, then 30 mins should be enough. If you'd like a more thorough session, have a number of areas you'd like me to treat or are preparing for a sporting event, then 60 minutes is usually great. Many people opt for the 90 minute treatment as it lets me incorporate an extensive deep tissue massage with lots of relaxing elements too.

Q - Do you only do deep tissue massage?

A - Not at all. Deep tissue massage is what I do most, but I'm also qualified to give relaxing massages too. In fact I often use a mix of these techniques in my treatments to get the best possible results.

Q - If I book a deep tissue massage but then decide to have a more relaxing massage instead, is that OK?

A - Absolutely. You're my client and I'm here to give you exactly what you need. Just let me know before we begin and I can tailor the massage to whatever you'd prefer.

Q - What should I expect from a treatment?

A - On your first session, you'll have a brief consultation and fill out a short form to let me know of anything that may affect the treatment. During the massage, all you need to do is relax and let me work. I will drape a towel over you to keep you warm and covered at all times. I’ll check with you every now and then to see if the pressure is OK and adjust it so you’re happy. Afterwards, I’ll give you some time to come round and get dressed. It’s that simple.

Q - Is the treatment painful?

A - No - deep tissue massage treatments should never be painful. Certain elements will be uncomfortable, but this is actually a good thing as it means the treatment is having an effect on the muscle tissue. I will check with you throughout the session if you’re feeling OK with the pressure. Ultimately I want you to enjoy it and end feeling relaxed.

Q - What should I wear?

A - You will need to remove your clothing down to your underwear (ladies also need to remove their bras). It's also handy if you take off any jewellery, except for engagement/wedding rings. I’ll step out of the room at this point and give you some privacy.

Q - Are you fully qualified/insured?

A - Yes, I am. I have certificates and documents proving I am fully qualified and insured. I’m also a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). To have membership with the FHT you need to be fully qualified and have a valid insurance policy.

Q - Are your oils suitable for people with nut allergies?

A - Yes. I use grapeseed oil which is safe for use on people with nut allergies. However if you're still worried about this, you are very welcome to bring your own massage oil with you.